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Thursday, 10 May 2018

gujarati recipe top indian gujarati recipe Gunda Raw Mango Pickle - by bela

gujarati recipe

top  indian gujarati recipe
Gunda Raw Mango Pickle - by bela

  Gunda (gum Berry) - 1 kg.
  Raw mangoes - 500 gms.
  Red chilly powder - 200 gms.
  Mustard seeds cracked -  50 gms. (rai na kuria)
  Methi na kuria - 100 gms. (split fenugreek)
  Dhana na kuria - 50 gms. (split coriander)
  Fennel seeds (powdered) -  50 gms. (variali)
  Black pepper powder - 10 gms.
  Asafoetida - 10 gms
  Turmeric powder - 25 gms.
  Asetic acid - 5 gms.
  Edible oil 
  salt - as per taste


1 . Remove seeds from gunda. Apply salt on your fingers while removing the seeds as they
     are very sticky.
2 . Peel and grate raw mangoes. Remove water from grated mangoes by crushing
     in your hands.
3 . Add all the above ingredients into grated mangos and mix well.
4 . Stuff the mixture in the gunda and put in an air tight jar.
5 . Add oil into the jar until it covers the gunda and remains upto half inch above it.
6 . Add ascetic acid and stir well.
7 . Ready made masala for stuffing is available in the market.
8.  Tasty yummy mango gunda pickle is ready to store for one year.
9 .  This pickle can be served with thepla, muthiya, khichadi, dhokla etc.

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