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Thursday, 9 November 2017

gujarati recipe top indian gujarati recipe Winter Special Adadia Pak - by bela

gujarati recipe

top  indian gujarati recipe
Winter Special  Adadia Pak - by bela 

Adadia Pak

Ingredients   :-  
Udad daal flour (coarse)  - 500 gms
Chana daal  (bengal gram) flour (coarse) - 100 gms
ghee - 400 gms
Powdered sugar - 400 gms
Dry coconutpowder - 100 gms
Sauth  (dry ginger powder) - 50 gms
Ganthoda - 10 gms
Almonds - 50 gms 

1 . Take ghee in a deep kadai .
2 . When it gets heated add both udad daal flour and chana daal flour.
3 . Keep the flame low and keep stirring until it turns pink and gives good aroma.
4 . Then add dry coconut powder, sauth, ganthoda and chopped almonds.
5 . Turn off the gas flame and let it cool.
6 . After one hour add powdered sugar and mix thoroughly.
7 . Grease a plate and spread it evenly .
 8 . Garnish with khas khas and chopped almonds.
9 . Cut into pieces and eat one every morning.

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